Montreal’s three finest bands of the 21st century

Image source: For Peter Triassi of Montreal , touring the city is never complete without experiencing its music. This article will show you some of Montreal’s most exciting bands ever to come out in the 21st century. Arcade Fire Countless genres have been attached to this group - indie rock, art rock, dance-rock, and baroque pop - says Peter Triassi. They won the Grammys for Album of the Year in 2011 with their third album The Suburbs, which was released in 2010. They also took two other major awards in 2011 - the Juno Award for Album of the Year and the Brit Award for Best International Album. The band’s current line-up consists of Win and his wife Régine Chassagne, alongside William Butler (Win’s younger brother), Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury, and Jeremy Gara. This line-up expands as they tour, when they are joined by Sarah Neufeld (ex-core member), Tiwill Duprate (percussions), and Stuart Bogie (saxophone). Image source: Men I Trust

Five fun things to try in Montreal

Image source:   Peter Triassi from Montreal takes pride in all the good things his home city has to offer. For those who are looking forward to going beyond the usual touristy fare in the city, here are more things they can do while they are visiting. Le Bateau Mouche Cruise One of the best ways to see the city, according to Peter Triassi from Montreal is to go on a cruise. This is also something that photography enthusiasts would enjoy since the 60 - 90 minute trip will give them an amazing view of the skyline as well as enjoy the city's waterways. As part of the tour, one will learn about the history and other important information about the city. To make things more special, visitors can try to join the cruise during magic hour. Image source: Musée Eudore Dubeau The usual museums feature art, history, and culture. But according to Peter Triassi, Montreal resident, this museum offers something unique as it features the histor

Music at night: Montreal’s top five places for live bands

Image source:   Anyone who has been to a concert can attest that live concert experience is worlds away from what digital concerts can offer. Once health and safety restrictions are lifted, patrons are sure to flock their local bars and arenas for some live music. Montreal resident Peter Triassi shares on this post the city’s top five places for live bands. Mtelus , previously known as the Metropolis, stands right outside the city center, in the middle of Quartier Latin and Quartier des Spectacles. A mid-sized venue, Mtelus is has served as home to numerous indie rock concerts and jazz festivals. The Rialto Theatre was established in 1923 by Montreal-born architect Joseph-Raoul Gariépy and designed by Emmanuel Briffa. Until the ‘90s, the theatre operated as baroque cinema. Now, it is home to intimate music performances and Just For Laughs gigs. Image source: L’Astral is a venue ideal for intimate live shows, making it a local favorite. The ve

Getting around Montreal like a local

Image source: Some tourists need a friend who lives in the area to tour them around the city they’re visiting while others are settled on following an organized tour for a detailed look at the city. In the past years, travelers have taken the task of showing themselves around the city says Montreal resident Peter Triassi. The buses in Montreal run from 5 in the morning till 1 in the morning. With well-marked routes, locals and tourists have little chance to get lost. Factor in the friendliness of Canadians, one would always reach their destination with confidence. The Montreal Metro runs four lines, with blue rubber-tired wheels. Locals and travelers can hop on the train from 5 in the morning until midnight from Sundays to Thursdays, and until 1:30 in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays. Montreal is among the world’s friendliest cities to bike commuters. Bixi is a bike-rental system that maintains 500 stations in the populous city, which covers central and out

A guide to the best coffee shops in Montreal

Image Despite the rising number of coffeehouse franchises in Canada, the city of Montreal continues to have a growing independent coffeeshop scene. Aside from being a must-visit destination for foodies, Peter Triassi from Montreal says that his home city is also a place for coffee-lovers. He shares this guide to the best coffee shops in his area. Dispatch Coffee Starting out as a café on wheels, Dispatch has become a successful business in the city. Now with multiple locations, the coffee roasters have also become a place where coffee lovers can attend tastings, brewing workshops, and get their own supply of beans to-go. With expert and friendly baristas, one will feel welcome to discover more about coffee when they enter one of the shops. Café Olimpico Peter Triassi, Montreal local, says this coffeeshop is an icon in the city's food and beverage scene. Established in 1970, the café has seen many generations of Montrealers. This Mile End establishment has a limited men

Remember the best of Montreal with these souvenirs and delicacies

 Travels enrich a person's experiences. Mementos are a great way to preserve memories from a wonderful trip. Peter Triassi, Montreal local, welcomes people from different parts of the world to come and see his city once it is safe to travel again. For those who have the Canadian city in their must-see list, here are some ideas for souvenirs and delicacies worth bringing home to friends and family. Maple roducts Peter Triassi from Montreal  takes pride in the fact that the province of Quebec is the world's largest producer of Maple products. Aside from maple syrup tourists who visit Montreal can also bring home other maple products for their loved ones such as candy, tea, butter, and cookies. These products are considered Canada's best and will remind a person of their good times in the country. Ice wine While Montreal isn't the first city that comes to mind when it comes to wine, many tourists have enjoyed their ice wine, a dessert wine made from grapes that are still f

Five reasons to tour Montreal on a bike

Image source: Whether you ride a road bike, a mountain bike, a single-speed, or a fixie, going out for tour around Montreal will always be fun and exhilarating. With wonderful urban and nature views, the city never disappoints. Montreal can be explored through biking by both beginners and experts at riding. Peter Triassi is a Montreal native who has biked around Quebec quite a few times. According to him, locals and tourists can enjoy upward climbs and incredibly satisfying descents in Parc Mont Royal . To ride up the main slope, it would take a biker about 20 to 40 minutes. The top offers a panoramic view of the Montreal, extending to areas beyond the city.   Image source: Explore downtown Montreal to reach Bois de l’Île Bizard , reaching a combination of beaches, marshland, and woods. The island at the northwestern tip of Montreal can be toured for a full day on a bike—with a few picnic and café stops, of course. While, dominated by residentia